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About Us

It all started with two friends Jason & Andrew who when the first lockdown hit during the Covid19 pandemic they decided to wear their Spidey suits and use their hourly exercise time to run the streets of Stockport to bring some fun and cheer.

Fast forward to today The Stockport Spider-Men & Friends have a strong team of members who dedicate any spare time to do the same in their communities too. In 2020 we raised £60,000 for the NHS Charities together, went viral all around the world, had awards sent to us by Boris Johnson, The Major of Stockport plus more, featured on numerous TV channels, News broadcasts , Press, Radio and Media coverage as far as China, India and South Africa.

We have now moved on to setting crazy challenges to keep the funding for worthy causes rolling in. Marathons, Ultra Marathons and more will be taken on in 2021 so stay tuned as we are aiming to raise £100,000 for child suicide and mental health awareness charity Papyrus.

Our Video

Getting The Mayoral Award At Stockport Town Hall

Wendy, Jason, Andrew & Tim are all receiving their Mayoral Awards this afternoon at Stockport Town Hall. It completely came out of the blue, but we are greatly thankful nonetheless for the recognition of your partnerships and friends.

Stockport Spiderman Comes To The Light Cinema

December's been a whacky and exciting filled month! The new movie 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' came out not too long ago, and meeting with people and giving people one heck of a time has been such an adventure for me! TheLight Cinema staff were so polite.


Hey everyone, Spidey aka Jason here. Welcome to our brand new 'website' which we hope you all love as much as we do. A special thank you must go out to E2E Studios who kindly offered to make our site for us as a donation.