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Hey everyone,

Spidey aka Jason here. Welcome to our brand new 'WEB'site which we hope you all love as much as we do. A special thank you must go out to E2E Studios who kindly offered to make our site for us as a donation to help us get our adventures out there even further as we move towards 2021.

Its been one crazy year, nothing which any of us could of anticipated but weve made it to the end of the year and looking back reflecting really does choke me up with what has been accomplished. To all of our 11,000 Facebook group members, to everyone who donated to any of our charities, to everyone who donated items to be auctioned or gifted to people and places in need, to our partners and families and last by no means least to our SUPER team members THANK YOU! Thank you for all you have done as The Stockport Spider-Men & Friends is a team effort and we couldnt of done any of this without you all. Myself & Andrew would like to take this time to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas.

We have SOOOOOO much planned for 2021 so get ready to hold on to your hats as were about to LEVEL UP! £100,000 Charity target here we come! Together we can make it happen. Weekly blog will run weekly here, may turn to multiple blogs per week but for now it will be every Monday of the week so please do visit to see what myself and the team have been up to.

Thats it for now as i must help Miss Spidey wrap some Christmas presents........SANTAS COMING! 1 day to go!

Peace out, Spidey out, PEACE!