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We haven't done what we've done to get famous or stroke our egos. This was purely done to support causes dear to us during a very strange and trying time. To put a smile on a face!

Keith Lemon!!

Keith has been an advocate from the start with loads of shout outs and support for what we've been doing. He's also a massive spiderman fan too!

the Guardian

‘The idea was to put smiles on faces – and it snowballed’: the people who saved 2020

From the Spider-Men who rescued the children of Stockport, to the women who won the Nobel prize, here are seven people who brightened the darkest days

the Guardian

Coronavirus: looking for good news - community cuppas and the Stockport Spiderman

From a 94-year-old great-grandmother to a postie in fancy dress, we look for the human stories behind the crisis

Manchester Evening News

The adventures of Stockport's Spidermen have snowballed into something huge

'It's been a whirlwind. We're turning Great Britain into a comic book'

I Love Manchester

The amazing Stockport Spider-Men bringing joy to families on coronavirus lockdown

Stockport Spider-Man impersonators delight families on daily run

BBC News

Coronavirus: 'Stockport Spider-Men' delight families in lockdown

Two friends are delighting families in lockdown by dressing as Spider-Man on their daily run.

The Manc

Someone dressed as Spider-Man is cheering up kids in isolation in Stockport - The Manc

We love this.

ABC News

'Spider-Man' runs the streets of England cheering kids up in coronavirus lockdown

Spider-Man does whatever a spider can -- and now he is running the streets and using his superpowers to help cheer up dozens of citizens stuck indoors.

Northwich Guardian

‘Stockport Spider-Men’ delight families in lockdown on daily jog

‘We had the whole family at the window waiting for Spider-Man to appear,’ said one local.